ICON 9.3
ICON 9.3

ICON 9.3

Singing Rock

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ICON 9.3 / L0380
Single rope

  • the rope is made by SINGING ROCK patented technology ROUTE 44, 
    which gives to the rope well-balanced rate of weight and diameter
  • extremely light and robust, thus it is ideal for hard routes on-sight, flash or 
    redpointing were every gram counts
  • SBS gives the rope better properties
  • every streak of the sheath is guided individually, not in a pair as usual, thus the sheath is more resistant against breakage, but on the other hand it is smoother
  • thermotransfer end marking
  • ultrasonic ending
  • middle marking
  • ICON 9.3 rope report by Spanish climber Raúl Saúco

Color: yellow
Weight: 57 g/m
Length: pack: 30 - 80, 100 m • coil: 200 m
Diameter: 9.3 mm
Number of falls: 5
Dynamic elongation: 33.9%
Static elongation: 9.0 %
Impact force: 8.4 kN

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